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The real estate agents and landlords are nowadays very particular about the condition and cleanliness of their property when it is being vacated. Every single detail of the property is checked and they deduct a reasonable amount from the bond if they are not satisfied with the condition of the property. Hence, the tenants need to clean the property thoroughly in order to get their bond back.

Moving to a new property is a challenge in itself. There are a number of difficult tasks, you might confront while shifting from one place to another. From organizing your furniture in the new house to setting up the kitchen appliances, there is a lot to do. In the meanwhile, you cannot take the risk to lose your bond with the previous landlord/ estate agent. All you need is professional help from a Vacancy Cleaning company to make your property spotlessly clean!

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We Offer Our Move Out Cleaning Services in:

  • North Sydney
  • Sydney City
  • Inner West, Sydney
  • Eastern Suburbs, Sydney
  • Eastern Suburbs, Sydney
  • CBD, Sydney

We feel proud to bring forth the most professional Vacancy Cleaning Services in Sydney. For the last "Ten Years", we have been delighting a number of customers with excellent Vacancy Cleaning Services at the most reasonable expenses. Our expertise in dealing with various real estate agents makes us fully competent to understand the different requirements of every client. Assuring you to take extra care in cleaning the ‘critical areas’ such as kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. We tend forward to get your bond back without any difficulties.

Vacancy Cleaning of a House

Everyone is busy with his or her hectic work schedule. Keeping out some time for home cleaning is a difficult task, but your landlords don’t care!

You have signed a lease document, now are paying a certain amount for the lease duration, which states that you need to return the house in the same condition as it was given to you. If in any case they find the condition of your house unsatisfactory at the time of Vacancy, your bond is in ‘danger zone’. They might charge you extra amount or deduct a reasonable amount from the bond. Obviously, you don’t want to loose the hard earned money for such a reason. But, it is difficult for you to spare time for cleaning too. Not a big problem!

Our Vacancy Cleaning Service is there to help you out in Sydney. We can:

  • Clean kitchen surfaces, drip pans, chrome rings, under stove top and microwave ovens.
  • Mop and polish bathrooms, including shower glasses, hand basin, bath tub, mirrors, floor and toilets.
  • Sweep and damp mop hard floors, wooden floor, tiles, etc.
  • Clean door and windows, including frames and screens.
  • Clean all cupboards, shelves, drawers and racks.
  • Remove smudges and dust from doors and light switches.
  • Sweep front porch, empty your rubbish bins, remove interior cobwebs
  • and much more!

Whether big or small, an apartment or a mansion, we assure you to provide reliable, spotless and professional Vacancy Cleaning. We look after every corner of your house, including those in kitchen, living, dining and much more. From unacknowledged grime built up over the years to those hard to remove stains, our vacancy cleaners are proficient in every task. Hire our services and get 100% bond back.

Bath Room being Cleaned at the time of Vacancy

Leaving Office? Secure your money by using our Sydney Vacancy Cleaning Services

You spend a major part of your day in the office premises. There is so much to do there, conferences, meetings, goals, targets, projects and so forth. You hardly get any time to look for clean-up of your working space or the surroundings. Over the years, the dust and dirt get accumulated on the surfaces become hard and rigid. You might not be interested in cleaning your working area regularly. But, when it gets closer to Vacancy, you need to think about its Vacancy Cleaning.

Remember, your estate agent provided you a neat and clean office. Similarly, he expects the property to be in pristine conditions, when you leave!

We understand how difficult it is for you to clean your office entirely. Thus, we offer specialized Vacancy cleaning services for your office spaces. Our team of professional vacancy cleaners understand the cleaning problems deeply. Being fully equipped and well trained, we are capable of catering small and large office premises ideally. With an aim to serve our customers with the highest cleaning standards, we assure you 100% bond back.

Vacancy cleaning Sydney is dedicated to practice the safest and fastest cleaning procedures for your offices. Our experienced vacancy cleaning team members offer an immaculate cleaning, using environmentally safe methods. We offer:

  • Floor cleaning; especially, concentrating on the high traffic areas.
  • Cleaning of blinds, windows, frames and other places.
  • Mop and polish hard floors, wooden floor and tiles.
  • Safe cleaning of electronic switches in the office premises.
  • Sweep and damp mop bathrooms and kitchen areas.
  • Polishing for hard and waxed floors.
  • Emptying bins, rubbish and waste areas.

We make sure to cover every corner of your office, especially those that have been away from your attention for a long time!

Cleaning Carpet at the time of Vacancy

Whether you need it for commercial usage or residential purpose, it is advisable to call up Sydney Vacancy Cleaning professionals for tough jobs like Cleaning Carpet at the time of Vacancy!

Undoubtedly, carpet is one of the most attractive and expensive furnishings. Not only it offers a better look to your office or house interior, but also provides greater comfort and better living environment. Your carpet bears heavy foot traffic, accompanied by normal wears and tears. Also, it happen a number of times, when accidentally some drinks or food tumbles over your carpet. It leaves hard stains behind, which are impossible for you to remove. Thus, your carpet appears battered, bruised and unattractive. We understand regular care and maintenance is something very difficult for you. But, at the time of Vacancy Cleaning you need to clean it thoroughly. Hence, our team of Vacancy Cleaning professionals is available 24 * 7 with the best carpet cleaning services at Vacancy in Sydney.

Our Vacancy Cleaners offer comprehensive carpet cleaning services, including carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning and lots more. Our experience of last 10 years and access to all the required equipment’s, make us the perfect choice. Ensuring the usage of biodegradable and non- toxic products, we have:

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Fabric Protection
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Leather Lounge Suite Cleaning
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • On-site Rug Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Pet Stain and Odour Removal

For the best possible results, we select the method according to the type of the carpet material and stains. We tend forward to clean your carpets deep down and get your bond back completely!

So, next time you are facing a tough Vacancy Cleaning job, such as carpet cleaning, give a call and we will be there. The availability of specialized equipment’s and experience to make best use of them, enables us to successfully take care of your carpets. While on one hand, we maintain the appeal and original colours of the carpet, on the other, we promise you 100% bond returns.

Stains Removed From a Carpet


If your apartment is going vacant, let us do the vacancy cleaning for you and we ensure you high-end results. Get a quote or call us now at 0484 241 888 !

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